Children courses

Yoga for children affects the activity of the brain through improvement of concentration, range of attention, learning and memory capacity. Through practicing in yoga lessons the child develops a positive body image, tolerance, identification and understanding.

Practicing the yoga postures contributes to the strengthening of the muscles of the body as well as the improvement of flexibility and stability. The child learns to recognize the ability of his body to find balance and equilibrium and to improve them in an ongoing process.
Some of the benefits of yoga:

  • Use positive thinking
  • Relieves irritability and tension
  • Encourage concentration, memory and understanding
  • Provides opportunities for self-reflection, patience, reduces impulsivity
  • Improves listening skills
  • Helps vigilance and creativity
  • Encourages communication skills
  • Improves body awareness and body-mind connection.

The courses are taught according to the age of the students combining games and stories and many other ways, which teach universal values such as tolerance, patience, non-violence, courage, respect, Acceptance, kindness, compassion, and more, making the class an experience that children enjoy.

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