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My approach

The purpose of practice is to quiet the vibrations of consciousness. Yoga is the unity of the body with consciousness and spirit. When consciousness is quiet, the real wisdom arises, stemming from the deep aspect of being.

The practice is slow and soft and suitable for every practitioner. Everyone practices according to their abilities.

This method combines movement with the breath and thus creates a connection between body, thought and breath.

The workout begins with gentle postures and movements, which intensify during the practice. After reaching the peak of intensify, the body relaxes in opposite, balanced and relaxing positions.

The emphasis is not on the integrity of the posture, but on the practice. The practice corresponds to the needs, capacities and current situation, through a combination of movement, breathing and concentration.

We want to achieve what was previously not accessible.

We practice yoga through asanas, breathing and relaxation. As we move forward, the more we learn about what we can do with the body, the breath, the mind and more.


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Six years ago, I arrived from Israel and since then I have taught my art to groups of adults, teenagers and children in the Tarn and Toulouse.

Previously, I worked as a qualified nurse.

I believe that yoga leads us to transformation.

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06 84 13 75 13

Join us!

06 84 13 75 13
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